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Classroom Kitchen Online

Get access to our KS1 and KS2 cooking curriculum, with video-led lessons, plans, follow-up activities and teacher training resources!

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With Classroom Kitchen Online, your teachers can access video-led lessons, plans, follow-up activities and nutrition PowerPoints! You also get access to teacher training resources, risk assessments and a whole library of extras with topic themed lessons! To summarise, everything you need to deliver quality cooking and nutrition lessons.

Why do you need CK Online?

There are 3 main reasons why primary schools may struggle to teach regular KS1 and KS2 Cooking and Nutrition lessons. Are any of these a possible barrier in your school?

  1.  Staff confidence when teaching Cooking & Nutrition
  2.  Time within the curriculum
  3.  Lack of equipment available

With CK Online we can help to solve those problems. Just read on to find out how!

Staff confidence when teaching cooking & nutrition

Immediately boost your team’s confidence when teaching cooking & nutrition with CK Online. Firstly, every session has a play and pause video-led lesson with a lesson plan. Meaning teachers are supported but they can also take control. Secondly, they’ll have access to nutrition PowerPoints and follow-up activities! Meaning, no additional planning is required. Thirdly, in the Teacher Resources section, they will also find training resources, videos and extras!

No matter a teacher’s previous experience, delivering a cookery session will come easy teaching alongside Classroom Kitchen Online.

Time within the curriculum

Having been teachers, we know how busy a school can be. Our KS1 and KS2 cooking lessons require no additional planning. With our cooking curriculum, a class simply need one half-day per half term to complete. Moreover, you have the option to use our weekly ingredient drop off service so a staff member doesn’t even need to spend time going to the shops!

cooking equipment for schools
Cooking equipment sets for schools

Lack of equipment available in school

All of our lessons have been designed around a skill based cooking curriculum. Meaning, equipment is important. However, we’ve hugely considered the structure of the lessons keeping them simple and focused on group work. This means our sessions don’t require huge amounts of equipment nor space!

When signing up to Classroom Kitchen Online, you’ll also have the option to add one of our equipment sets. If you already have equipment in school, you’re ready to start!

CK Online Foundations

New to 2021-22!

CK Online Foundations offers schools access to our KS1 and KS2 cooking and nutrition lesson plans and resources without the video-led lessons. This is a great tool for schools who are already delivering great cooking and nutrition lessons but want to save planning time and offer their staff access to our whole-school curriculum and resources.

As well as our weekly sessions, extras will be added regularly. Plus, the benefit of being a CK Online Foundations member means you will also receive 10% off across our other products too.

Also, all new memberships come with 1 free consultancy session to help you get set up.

CK Online Pro

Our most popular membership:

Access to all areas of CK Online: Teacher CPD, KS1 and KS2 Cooking & Nutrition Sessions and Extras (such as topic related lessons).

Play and Pause Video-led Lessons: Every session offers teachers the assistance of a video-led lesson to teach alongside.

Resources: KS1 and KS2 lesson plans, send-home recipes, follow-up activities and nutrition PowerPoints are available for every lesson. In addition to this, teacher training videos and guides are in the resources section alongside curriculum overviews, risk assessments and so much more!

Phone and Email Support: We have support available all year round.

1 hour free Consultancy: To help you get started, we’ll spend some time with a school leader discussing the system and reviewing your current curriculum.

Optional Ingredient Delivery Service: See below.

Termly subscription now available too!

Ingredient Delivery Service

Want to get your school cooking regularly?

Then definitely consider using our ingredient delivery service! If the ingredients are dropped off at the school door each week, it keeps your classes on schedule and saves your teachers time!

Deliveries are to a set schedule with every year group cooking once per half term, 6 times a year! As well as this, we arrange a set time and day each week to ensure consistency and ease for planning your sessions. Upon joining the service, we take note of allergies and dietary requirements to ensure swaps are made when necessary!

Please enquire for more details!

primary school cooking workshops
KS1 cooking workshops


The prices below are subject to VAT. For details on products, see above! 

CK Online Foundations


Per Year
CK Online Pro


Per Year
CK Online Pro (Termly)


Per Term


If you’re new to our service, you may want to purchase a portable equipment set too. Once bought, it is yours to keep forever. If you buy now, you’ll also save money on our usual price.

The prices below are subject to VAT. 

Ingredient Delivery Service

Prices show a rough estimate of weekly costs because we use local providers and supermarkets to order the ingredients. You will only be charged the actual costs plus their delivery. As a result, it will never be more than the cost shown.

We also charge a £7 weekly admin fee.

1 Class Delivery


Per Week
2+ Class Delivery

From £50

Per Week

Cooking Equipment

As well as our sets shown here, we can also provide individual items to help if you already have equipment in school.

Electricals Set

2 Portable Ovens, Hob, Blender, Hand Blender and a Kettle

+ £495

Equipment Pro Set

All electricals plus  the essentials, such as, chopping boards, mixing bowls, etc.  Also receive a free cookware set.

+ £895

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