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Cooking Equipment

With years of experience working with schools to teach cookery classes, to lead Design Technology and running our workshops, we know exactly what you need to make Cookery a success in your school. Check out either our consultancy service where we'll help to do a school inventory and provide advice on equipment or check out our ready to go Equipment Boxes!

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At Classroom Kitchen, we offer 2 services to help with getting your school set up with the correct cookery equipment. For schools looking for an initial set up, with very minimal equipment and resources in school, we have some fantastic, pre-curated, equipment bundles with everything we know you'll need. Another option for schools, we offer a consultancy and advice service where we discuss your needs, check your current inventory and if necessary, source you additional or replacement equipment. Check out both services below:

Cooking Equipment for Schools:

We’ve assembled 3 portable equipment bundles! We don’t believe in providing you with excess amounts of equipment that have very little purpose. Therefore, our sets only contain the necessities. This keeps the price lower for you, makes the sets lighter and easily transportable, and everything is useful! All sets have been designed for a class of 30 pupils.

Below, you’ll also find the pricing for our cooking equipment sets! Check out our Classroom Kitchen Online service to save money with our bundle deals!

Cooking equipment sets for schools
cooking equipment for schools
Cooking equipment sets for schools

CK Essentials

The CK Essentials bundle includes a full class set of the ‘essentials’. It includes: chopping boards, knives, mixing bowls, mashers, peelers and so much more! In addition to this, all equipment comes stored and packed in Really Useful Boxes. We pack the equipment across 2 smaller boxes to make them easier to store and easier to transport around school.

Our cooking equipment sets for schools have been designed for 30 children working in small groups. If you’ve any queries in regards to quantity and contents, please enquire via the link at the bottom of this page!

Price: £495 +VAT

CK Electricals

Maybe you have the essentials but don’t have a fixed space to cook in school. If you don’t have a cookery room, portable cooking equipment is the solution!

With our CK Electricals Set, you get 2 portable ovens, a table top multi-hob, a kettle, a blender and a hand blender.

Price: £595 +VAT

portable cooking equipment for schools
cooking equipment for schools

CK Equipment Pro

The CK Equipment Pro set is everything your school needs to get cooking! A combination of the Essentials and the Electricals set as well as an additional Cookware set with pots, pans and oven trays!

As you’ll have read above, all of our sets are designed for whole class cooking.

Price: £995 +VAT

Consultancy & Advice

We offer a FREE consultancy and advice service in relation to cooking equipment. As part of the discussion, we help perform an inventory check to see what you need as a school! If we decide there are various pieces of equipment that you need, we’ll help you to decide your next steps! You may decide to source the equipment yourselves or should you wish to save time, we can source the equipment for you (small admin fee per item). Enquire below to set a meeting time at your convenience.

Cooking equipment sets for schools