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Throughout the 2021 and 2022 academic year, we'll be hosting online as well as in-person training events and workshops. We also offer bespoke training and CPD events for schools as well as INSET days and after-school sessions...

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We realise that schools have differing needs when it comes to training and support. Therefore, we offer a range of Training and CPD events that schools can sign their staff up to, whether that be our in-person training events or online training events. Additionally, we offer in-school training which is tailored and bespoke to your needs. See some of our options below but if you have specific ideas, get in touch and we can help put together training that works for you!

Online Training & CPD Events

We work with schools across the country and like to be able to offer our schools regular training that suits them and to not be limited by the area they’re based in. Our Online sessions provide opportunities for schools and staff to join us from anywhere for informative and worthwhile training focused on some of the following topics:

  • Teaching Cooking and Nutrition in your School
  • Leading Design Technology/Cooking & Nutrition
  • Embedding Health into the Heart of your School
  • Food and Hygiene
primary school cooking workshops
Primary school cooking lessons
Regular Contracts

In-person Training & CPD Events

We offer both half day and full day training events at various locations around the country.

In-Person training allows us to get hands on with resources and actually get cooking (dependent on the event focus) or building documents/resources that you can take back to school.

Plus, having been teachers ourselves, we realise that most teachers want to walk away with resources and skills that they can implement straight away once they return to school. Therefore, this will always be our focus of in-person events!

Some of our events will be small focus group events so please enquire today and book on early!

School Inset & Twilight Training

Looking to upskill your staff in the delivery of Cooking & Nutrition? Just had a cookery space built but not confident in how to best deliver sessions? Need to boost healthy lifestyles in your school and embed this into the normal?

Whatever your reasoning, we can create a training event or CPD package to best suit your school and your needs! We base our training on experience and expertise with a large focus on getting hands on with resources and practice! By the time we leave your school, we want to be leaving our own legacy too and have an action plan in place to ensure you get the results you hired us in for!

We offer 60-120 minute Twilights as well as Half Day and Full Day Inset Packages.

Prices start from as little as £250 +VAT. Get in touch for a free consultancy session so we can suggest the best options for you!

primary school cooking workshops
Primary school cooking lessons
Regular Contracts

Consultancy & Mentoring

We find that many of the schools we work with haven’t spent a lot of time focused on their Design & Technology Curriculum over the last few years. Unfortunately, it’s a subject that is sometimes neglected. Having been teachers, we understand why! Reasons such as, the pressures of education today, your school size and staff subject knowledge can all be a major factor in why Design Technology in your school, may need some TLC!

Another thing we find is that Design Technology is sometimes a subject leadership, handed to RQTs and Teachers in their first five years of teaching. Ultimately, that’s not a bad thing as it’s a subject that is open to creativity and trialling new things. However, does your DT subject leader feel fully prepared for this role? Could they benefit from some extra support?

We offer a Consultancy and Mentoring service to help new subject leaders as well experienced leaders establish a quality Design & Technology (and Cooking & Nutrition) curriculum in your school. They may only need a one off consultancy session to simply get started or it could be that we work with them at various points through the school year. We build the programme to suit their needs!

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