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End of Year Cookery Workshops

Finish off the year with some cookery fun! Check out our End of Year Cookery Workshops below - available for a limited time only!

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End of Year Cookery Workshops and Experiences:

Ice Cream Fruit Sundaes with EYFS

A great way to finish off the year for your EYFS classes! We can work with a full class in a half day or 2 in a full day! We’ll split the classes in half and work with each group for 1 hour.

Groups will:

  • learn to chop fruits with the bridge and the claw method
  • learn where foods come from (not the supermarket)
  • each enjoy their own individual fruit sundae

We can’t guarantee the sunshine but we can certainly guarantee that all pupils will thoroughly enjoy themselves! As one little boy recently said in our fruit sundae workshop… ‘this is the best day of my life’.

This workshop is currently on offer at:

£195 +VAT for a half day (RRP: £225 +VAT)

£285 +VAT for a full day (RRP: £325 +VAT)

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Enterprise Café

This promises to be the final highlight of the year for your Year 6 class. What a way to finish their journey!

This is a full day experience. They will spend the morning cooking and baking in preparation for running their own pop-up café in the afternoon! Invite your parents, carers and guests in for the grand opening of your school café at the end of the day!

Pupils will learn:

  • various cooking and baking skills
  • communication skills (with peers and café guests)
  • money and business skills

This workshop is £345 + VAT per day (this includes all of the ingredients and equipment. Best bit… any more raised from the café will be given straight back to school!

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Come Dine with Me

Get your classes cooking either a 2 or 3 course meal for parents! This is a full day experience. 1 class can cook up to 3 courses, 2 classes can cook up to 2 courses.

Pupils will cook and prepare various courses through the day in which they’ll then serve these to a parent or guest at the end of the school day! This is a fantastic workshop for thanking parents, carers and teachers at the end of the school year. You could give out some pupils awards or host the dining experience as a special event.

Pupils will learn a variety of cooking skills on the day as well as understanding responsibility and teamwork.

Price for 1 class: £325 (all ingredients included)

Price for 2 classes: £365 (all ingredients included)

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Pizza Party

Why not finish with this deliciously healthy treat of a workshop – Pizza Party!

Book for either a half day (1 class) or full day (2 classes) and enjoy a whole class workshop of making delicious pizzas. Pupils will be offered a variety of ingredients so they can design and customise pizzas to their group’s choices! We create our own pizza bases with a 50/50 mix of flour to keep them light and healthy. As well as this, pupils are encouraged to choose a few toppings as we discuss how a homemade pizza can be a deliciously healthy balanced meal!

In their teams, pupils will also have the opportunity to design and decorate their own team pizza box!

Full day (2 classes): £325 + VAT

Half day (1 class): £225 + VAT

Discount available for multiple day bookings of this experience.

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