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Topic Experience Days

Whatever the topic, Classroom Kitchen can provide a topic experience day that the children will never forget! Whether you're learning about the Aztecs or the Victorians, countries around the world or classic fairytales, the children will taste, design and create a range of dishes throughout the day...

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Looking for a hook to start your next topic? Food is an awesome way to get the pupils' attention, especially if they make it themselves. Our sessions are well researched and designed by former as well as current teachers, to make our Topic Experience days super informative in regards to the subject you're learning about...they're not just a fad! Check out how our days run and take a look at the topics on offer below:

The children had an fantastic experience. Very educational, fun, practical and the children gained so much from the time James spent with them. It is well organised, planned and delivered in an exciting way.

Mrs SugathanAll Saints’ Primary School, Bury - Spanish Topic Day

How do they work?

Get in touch and tell us the topic you’re learning about! Even if it’s not in our list of topic experience days below, we’ll probably be able to design one to suit! In the lead up, we’ll discuss and make clear what we plan to do and get any important information such as dietary requirements prior to the event.

We arrive with all the equipment, resources and ingredients to deliver your topic experience day. For you, it’s hassle-free! Simply tell us where to set up and we’re good to go!

Our topic experience days can be full or half days, to your preference! With a half day, your pupils will usually make 2 dishes (depending on the age group) as well as learning about various others related to your chosen topic. In a full day, we can cover 3 dishes and offer the option to have your pupils present their learning to parents or teachers at the end of the day!

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What topic experience days do we offer?

You’ll find below our extensive menus for some of the experiences we offer. Please note that some of these may only be available to certain age groups as we have to consider the skill levels required to make some of the dishes!

If you’d like to gain access to these Topic Themed Cookery days without us attending (meaning you can deliver them as you wish), then check out our Classroom Kitchen Online service where for a yearly subscription, you’ll find access to a range of topics! We also add new ones each month (from September 2021)!

If you don’t see your topic below, please still get in touch as it could be something we can still cover:

Our Topic Experience Days

Please select one of the below topics to find out more of how we can inspire your classroom


Our history themed topic days are tailored specifically to the age of your children. We focus on relevant areas surrounding the food of your chosen era and how the history of that time may have had an impact on the diet! For example, in our Victorian topic day we look at social structure whereas in topics such as the Mayans, we may look at how geography and beliefs dictated the diet of that period and civilisation!

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What we offer
  • Aztecs
  • Mayans
  • Victorians
  • World Wars
  • Romans
  • Egyptians
  • Plus many more…


Study the world of food through one of our geography based topic workshops! We can create a lesson to almost any country or continent of your choosing! Dependent on the age of the children, we tailor the session in terms of detail and NC objectives! Our session typically starts with an introduction into the food of that area and how it may differ through a country! We also take a look at the history of your destination to see how food has changed over time! A very worthwhile experience to give children a real insight into the foods of other cultures!

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What we offer
  • The Mediterranean
  • USA
  • Australia
  • Africa
  • Asia
  • Individual Countries


Become a food scientist for the day by looking into diet and nutrition! Look at where foods come from, how they’re grown and reared! Debate which are healthier: meat-eaters or vegans! All of our science topics link directly to objectives set in the national curriculum! Give your children a deeper understanding of food and health with one of our workshops! Classes will be given the opportunity to taste, try and make relevant dishes to really get hands on with their learning!

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What we offer
  • What makes a balanced diet?
  • Homegrown
  • Plants and growth
  • What does our body need?
  • Plus many more…

Other Experiences

Here at Classroom Kitchen we love the challenge of constructing a day personalised to your school! Drop us an email with your topic and we’ll look into planning you the perfect experience. We also have a range of pre-planned topics for different occasions that you can view on the list below:

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What we offer
  • What does an athlete eat?
  • Fairytale Food
  • Enterprise
  • Cooking at Christmas
  • Plus many more…


The prices below are inclusive of all the ingredients, resources and equipment to provide the service. Please note that all prices are subject to VAT.

We do offer discounts for multiple days booked so please enquire about those.

If you’d like to book 2 classes in the same day with different topics, this is an available option so please enquire.

Half Day

From £225

per session

1 Class

Full Day

From £325

per session

2 Classes

What Our Teachers Say

Mrs MillerSt James the Less Primary School, Rawtenstall

James and his classroom kitchen came into my Year 3 class and it was fantastic!! James linked the morning brilliantly to our topic ‘The Victorians’. He was also very knowledgeable about the history of the topic. I can't recommend Classroom Kitchen enough.

Mr TysonAll Saints’ CE Primary School, Alrewas

Fantastic, unique service tailored to our school’s needs. The children loved the cooking and were engaged with the health and nutrition aspect too. Would 100% work with Classroom Kitchens again.

Mrs SugathanAll Saints’ Primary School, Bury

The children had an fantastic experience. Very educational, fun, practical and the children gained so much from the time James spent with them. It is well organised, planned and delivered in an exciting way.

Miss LaidlerSt Theresa’s Catholic Primary School, Leeds

We had a lovely experience. The children thoroughly enjoyed their Victorian inspired cooking workshop. James was a pleasure to have in school.