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Fitness and Nutrition

Wanting something a little bit different? Our fitness and nutrition contracts offer schools the chance to split their sessions - 30 minutes fitness with 90 minutes of cooking and nutrition to follow...

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Fitness and Nutrition go hand in hand and children need to see that link. We believe there is a good reason to teach both together…

The Classroom Kitchen service will teach your children about the importance of a balanced diet alongside focused lessons on different food groups and what each does for us.

With 30 minutes of fitness designed to push, excite and inspire your children, followed by 90 minutes of learning about a nutrition focus whilst cooking a delicious meal… that in itself is a recipe for success.

What do we include?

As with all of our contracts, you will benefit from a complimentary before or after school club. The difference is, with our sports specialist teacher, you can choose whether you want it to be fitness or cooking based. In addition to this, you can benefit from staff meetings, curriculum support and huge discounts across our other services.

So much learning goes on in a session along with so much enjoyment. Lessons are very hands-on for the children, really well planned and organised.

Miss PriorSt Anne (Stanley) Primary School, Liverpool
Regular Contracts

What we offer

We offer both half days and full days. For a two-form entry school, we would need a full day to work with both classes. Regardless of length, we always give schools the option to invite parents and carers in at the end of a session. This allows the children to share some of their fantastic learning that day.


This package is very flexible, as with most of our contracts, therefore we would like to meet or speak on the phone first to discuss your school’s needs. Because of this, we quote at a later time.

Fitness + Nutrition

From £125

Per Session

Prices are always inclusive of all the equipment, resources and ingredients necessary for the sessions

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Short and long term contracts for weekly sessions at affordable prices

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After-school clubs for all ages offer your children chance to cook on a weekly basis

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An exceptionally unique experience tailored to your needs. We offer days for a range of topics…

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