Primary School Cooking and Nutrition

End the Year Cookery Experiences!

Want to end the year with some cookery fun, check out our limited time only summer cookery workshops!

Get your Primary School Cooking in 2022-23!

Being able to cook is an important life-skill that all children should be learning! Additionally, it’s fun, creative and should be a priority in your school for 2022-23!  With any of our cookery workshops or our popular ed-tech, Classroom Kitchen Online, you can get your primary school cooking and learning about nutrition on a regular basis! Also, check out our cookery workshops and weekly sessions too!

Primary school cooking lessons

You can do it!

Do it yourself… with our help! In 2022-23, we’re going hybrid with our whole school cooking and nutrition sessions. You’ve now got a choice to have us in each week or to use our resources and ‘Do-it-Yourself’! As well as long term cooking and nutrition contracts being available, we also have short term for those schools that may be wanting a little support to get going before transitioning to Classroom Kitchen Online.

Classroom Kitchen Online is a ‘team-teach’ style system with video-led lessons, resources and follow up activities to get your school teaching cookery on a weekly basis! Like our staff-led service, we’ve made it hassle-free with optional extras, such as portable cookery equipment and the option to have ingredients dropped off at the school door.

Most importantly, CK Online is 8 times cheaper than us attending your school ourselves. In the long term, you’ll become Cookery Masters! We promise, you’ll receive the same quality sessions as our staff led sessions and you’ll be delivering them yourselves!

However, if you don’t feel your ready to leap straight in, ask for a demo or check out out 6 to 12 week CK staff led sessions, just to get you started and confident.

Primary School Cooking Workshops and more…

Not only do we have our weekly curriculum sessions and Classroom Kitchen Online, we’ve even got our one-off bespoke workshops and topic experience days! They’re experience days that your pupils (and parents) won’t ever forget!

Also, there are lots of extras to check out too. Such as, equipment, training days and CPD events… the list is endless!

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primary school cooking and nutrition lessons

What Our Teachers Say

Mrs MillerPrimary School Teacher

Classroom Kitchen came into my Year 3 class and it was fantastic!! James linked the morning brilliantly to our topic ‘The Victorians’. He was so well equipped, the school didn’t need to provide anything at all. I’m looking forward to Classroom Kitchen visiting us again. I cannot recommend them enough.

Mrs MidgleyCorpus Christi Primary School, Leeds

Great experience for parents and children. James was a delight to have in school- so organised and efficient, no bother at all! Look forward to his return.

Miss KempCorpus Christi Primary School, Leeds

The children really enjoyed learning how to make a fruit salad with James using different types of cutting techniques. They can’t wait for our next session!

Miss KirkCorpus Christi Primary School, Leeds

Classroom kitchen is fantastic!! The children had a wonderful time with James because it was so fun and hands on. Thank you so much, we can’t wait for our next session.

Miss PriorSt Anne (Stanley) Primary School, Liverpool

So much learning goes on in a session along with so much enjoyment. Lessons are very hands on for the children, really well planned and organised.

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