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Primary Cooking and Nutrition – Weekly Sessions

Cooking and Nutrition lessons for your whole primary school. Get every class cooking and learning about nutrition in the space of 6 weeks or complete our whole curriculum in the space of 36! Give your pupils the important life skill of learning to cook!

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The Classroom Kitchen service is all about getting pupils cooking and learning about nutrition whether that be with our weekly cooking sessions, workshops or our Primary Cooking DIY service (CK Online).

Our weekly sessions work through our whole-school primary cooking and nutrition curriculum. We have a variety of options for the differing needs of our different schools. We have options for 6 week programmes up to 36 weeks. Each week we’ll work with a different class in school too so that everyone gets to experience our sessions (we have an optional EYFS add on available too).

We sort all of the equipment, the ingredients and the resources for the sessions and all sessions will be run by a fully qualified teacher!

If that’s all you need to know, hit the contact button below or otherwise keep scrolling for more information!

Primary Cooking and Nutrition Curriculum

All sessions are taught from our whole-school primary cooking and nutrition curriculum. It is a skills based cooking curriculum focused on 4 key areas: Knife skills, Baking skills, Measure skills and Assorted (garnishing, mashing etc). As part of each weekly session, we also have a nutritional focus. Our Nutrition curriculum sets clear knowledge objectives for each year group.

Every week, we focus on a different recipe with links to different skills and nutritional objectives.

Check out the photo gallery here which shows the recipes covered, skills and nutritional objectives from select year groups (just get in touch if you would like to see the whole curriculum).

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How do our sessions work?

Every session lasts approximately 2 hours! The first 20 minutes focus on the session aims and nutritional learning. For the rest of the session, we get pupils cooking and baking to create a delicious recipe. For the last 20 minutes of the session, we do a taste test, evaluation and complete a follow up activity.

At the start of our series of sessions with your school, we’ll drop off an equipment set. Prior to your session each week, the ingredients will be dropped off to school ready for your Classroom Kitchen teacher to use on the day they attend! This replicates our DIY service which helps you with an easy transition should you wish to continue cooking yourselves after our sessions end!

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Primary school cooking lessons

More than just a cooking session…

We’re not bothered if we’re hired to work with a school for 1 day or for 36 weeks of the year, every school is important to us and every session is one step in the right direction!

Cooking is such a vital life-skill to your pupils. Learning to cook will literally change their lives forever!

For you as a school, your teachers will receive CPD alongside our sessions with our fantastic team of teachers. By the time we leave, they’ll feel confident in running their own whole-class cookery session too. All schools receive access to our DIY service during their entire contract and for a full term afterwards too! Our sessions act as a brilliant transitional service for schools wanting a little support.

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After-School Club Cookery Clubs

Looking for an after-school cookery club? We also offer our schools the option to add on a 60 minute after-school cookery club! Unfortunately, we can only offer these to our full day and afternoon schools.

In these sessions, you can have up to 10 pupils attend for an additional £60 per week. Every pupil will create something to take home each week!

If this is a priority for your school then please get in touch as soon as possible to secure an afternoon-slot!

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Prices below are inclusive of all the ingredients, resources and equipment to provide the service. We can work with 1 class in a half day or 2 classes in a full day.

6 Weeks (Half Days)

£205 + VAT

Per Session
12 Weeks (Half Days)

£195 + VAT

Per Session
36 Weeks (Half Days)

£175 + VAT

Per Session
6 Weeks (Full Days)

£305 + VAT

Per Session
12 Weeks (Full Days)

£295 + VAT

Per Session
36 Weeks (Full Days)

£275 + VAT

Per Session

What Our Teachers Say

Mrs MillerPrimary School Teacher

James and his classroom kitchen came into my Year 3 class and it was fantastic!! James linked the morning brilliantly to our topic ‘The Victorians’... James was so well equipped, the school didn’t need to provide anything at all. I’m looking forward to James visiting us again. I cannot recommend The Classroom Kitchen enough.

Mrs MidgleyCorpus Christi Primary School, Leeds

Great experience for parents and children. James was a delight to have in school- so organised and efficient, no bother at all! Look forward to his return.

Miss KempCorpus Christi Primary School, Leeds

The children really enjoyed learning how to make a fruit salad with James using different types of cutting techniques. They can’t wait for our next session!

Miss KirkCorpus Christi Primary School, Leeds

Classroom kitchen is fantastic!! The children had a wonderful time with James because it was so fun and hands on. Thank you so much, we can’t wait for our next session.

Miss PriorSt Anne (Stanley) Primary School, Liverpool

So much learning goes on in a session along with so much enjoyment. Lessons are very hands on for the children, really well planned and organised.