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Classroom Kitchen

Why Choose Us?

Classroom Kitchen helps primary schools to get cooking and learning about nutrition! It was founded by a primary teacher and it's a company built for primary schools!

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I’m James Deveney (Mr D), the founder of Classroom Kitchen! Prior to starting this service for schools, I was a primary school teacher and DT Leader. Whilst teaching, I found that, although a part of the National Curriculum, schools were struggling to deliver Cooking and Nutrition lessons for their pupils – for multiple reasons.

I know, as teachers, we’re expected to know everything but it’s just not possible! That’s why I created Classroom Kitchen, to help schools deliver a subject they’re expected to be able to, but realistically it may just not be possible.

I found 3 main reasons why schools may struggle with the delivery of cooking and nutrition… staff subject knowledge, equipment and time within the curriculum. I considered these and created the foundations of the company! Every part of the company is there to help schools to get cooking and learning about nutrition with ease, flair and confidence…we do that by solving those problems!

Below are a few reasons why I believe you should choose Classroom Kitchen to help get you cooking! Feel free to browse the website, check out our products and services and most importantly… get in touch!

The purpose of this service is... to get children cooking! We've a range of products and services to help schools find what they need to get cooking and learning about nutrition! With such variety and range of solutions, we really are a company for all to consider.

JamesFounder of Classroom Kitchen
KS1 cooking workshops
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Designed by teachers…

Everything about Classroom Kitchen has been designed or delivered by experienced teachers! As a company, we understand how schools work and how teaching works! Whether it be our Classroom Kitchen Online service or our in-school workshops, everything has been designed on experience, expertise and the knowledge of what matters to a school!


It is as it sounds! We know how busy you are and if you’re hiring us in or buying our products, we want to ensure we’re not adding to your ‘to-do’ list! Apart from some important bits, such as finding out allergy and dietary requirements, we do the rest! If you’re using our CK Online, you can have the ingredients delivered each week so you don’t have to go to the shops and if you’re hiring us in, we’ll bring them (alongside the equipment and resources).

primary school cooking workshops
KS1 cooking workshops

Change lives…

Child obesity as well as adult obesity is well on the rise! 1 in 5 primary aged pupils are overweight or obese, with that number becoming 1 in 3 by the time they move to secondary school!

Make a difference today! Our curriculum is skill focused. The reason for that…so they take away the skills to live a healthy life!

Don’t just tell pupils they need to eat well and avoid certain foods, give them the tools and skills so they can actually do so!

What Our Teachers Say

Mrs MillerPrimary School Teacher

James and his classroom kitchen came into my Year 3 class and it was fantastic!! James linked the morning brilliantly to our topic ‘The Victorians’... James was so well equipped, the school didn’t need to provide anything at all. I’m looking forward to James visiting us again. I cannot recommend The Classroom Kitchen enough.

Mrs MidgleyCorpus Christi Primary School, Leeds

Great experience for parents and children. James was a delight to have in school- so organised and efficient, no bother at all! Look forward to his return.

Miss KempCorpus Christi Primary School, Leeds

The children really enjoyed learning how to make a fruit salad with James using different types of cutting techniques. They can’t wait for our next session!

Miss KirkCorpus Christi Primary School, Leeds

Classroom kitchen is fantastic!! The children had a wonderful time with James because it was so fun and hands on. Thank you so much, we can’t wait for our next session.

Miss PriorSt Anne (Stanley) Primary School, Liverpool

So much learning goes on in a session along with so much enjoyment. Lessons are very hands on for the children, really well planned and organised.