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Cookery Workshops

We offer a range of cookery workshops to suit your school's needs. It could be a specialist session with a particular age group, a workshop to promote a school topic/value or a workshop for the wider community with parents involved too!

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We have a variety of cookery workshops available to get your school and wider community cooking and learning about nutrition! All of our workshops are tailored to achieve the outcomes you desire, whether that be to create a buzz for healthy eating or to provide your families budget cookery classes.
If you are looking for regular Cooking & Nutrition sessions, please see our Classroom Kitchen Online service.

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How does it work?

Classroom Kitchen turns your classroom into the kitchen as our teachers bring with them portable equipment, ingredients and all the resources required for the workshop! We can set up in any space so if you’re looking for a larger workshop and the school hall suits better, that’s completely fine!

Prior to your workshop, we’ll get in touch to discuss the outcomes that you wish to achieve, take some details about the age group or number of attendees in the session and discuss details such as dietary requirements.

On the day, we bring everything required so for yourselves, it’s completely hassle-free!

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primary school cooking workshops
KS1 cooking workshops

What Our Teachers Say

Mrs MillerPrimary School Teacher

James and his classroom kitchen came into my Year 3 class and it was fantastic!! James linked the morning brilliantly to our topic ‘The Victorians’... James was so well equipped, the school didn’t need to provide anything at all. I’m looking forward to James visiting us again. I cannot recommend The Classroom Kitchen enough.

Mrs MidgleyCorpus Christi Primary School, Leeds

Great experience for parents and children. James was a delight to have in school- so organised and efficient, no bother at all! Look forward to his return.

Miss KempCorpus Christi Primary School, Leeds

The children really enjoyed learning how to make a fruit salad with James using different types of cutting techniques. They can’t wait for our next session!

Miss KirkCorpus Christi Primary School, Leeds

Classroom kitchen is fantastic!! The children had a wonderful time with James because it was so fun and hands on. Thank you so much, we can’t wait for our next session.

Miss PriorSt Anne (Stanley) Primary School, Liverpool

So much learning goes on in a session along with so much enjoyment. Lessons are very hands on for the children, really well planned and organised.

Regular Contracts

Workshops available:

Whole-school Cook-athon: Get the whole school cooking in a day of quickfire, fun sessions to really bring the topic of Food & Nutrition/Healthy Eating to life!

Healthy Lifestyles: Perfect for Foundation Stage or KS1. A great introduction to healthy eating and healthy lifestyles with some fun recipes too!

Seasonal Specials: Book these early! Christmas, Easter and ‘Schools out for Summer’ available! Multiple classes can get involved through the day.

Come Dine with Me: Choose a class to cook for their families! They’ll prepare a 3 course meal through the day with the parents to be invited at the end! Perfect for KS2!

Budget Cooking: Invite the parents to cook alone or with their children! We can run 3 x 1 hour sessions through the day (Morning-After School). Focus on cooking family meals on a budget.

Healthy Lunches: Workshop to help parents with healthy lunchbox ideas! Can run up to 3 sessions through a day. May choose to run an assembly with children too!

Topic Experience Days

Whatever the topic, Classroom Kitchen can provide a topic experience day that the children will never forget! Whether you’re learning about the Aztecs or the Victorians, countries around the world or classic fairytales, the children will taste, design and create a range of dishes throughout the day!

primary school cooking workshops
KS1 cooking workshops

Bespoke Cookery Workshops

If you’ve got a different focus in mind, for example, Teamwork or a particular theme such as Alternative Diets, then please get in touch as we’re always able to adapt workshops as well as design workshops to suit your focus! Cookery sessions can be a great tool to address other focuses too. For example, it may be that you want a workshop focused on Well-Being and cookery is a great activity to tie into topics such as this!