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Rebecca Gilby (a.k.a. Miss Gilby)

Job Role:

Classroom Kitchen Teacher


West Yorkshire

Becky joined the Classroom Kitchen Team in October 2022 and is one of our Classroom Kitchen teachers, based in the West Yorkshire area. Having previously used Classroom Kitchen whilst teaching and entering her classes into our annual Cook Off Competition, Miss Gilby couldn’t wait to join the team. Becky also has her own business outside of work called Becky’s Bespoke Bakes. Check it out at

One reason why you love working for Classroom Kitchen?

I love going into a variety of schools and seeing so many children find a love of cooking! So many children have told me they want to be a chef when they grow up, and I can see a passion for healthy cooking building in the next generation! They have so much fun in our sessions, and they are learning how to look after themselves as they grow up, and setting them up with the skills to be independent and cook for themselves.

What is your favourite Classroom Kitchen Recipe?

Risotto! I hadn’t tried Risotto before I started working for Classroom Kitchen, and now it’s a regular meal in my household. Absolutely delicious!

What is your favourite cuisine?

Italian food!

What has been your favourite travel destination?

I have a soft spot for Greece. I spent many holidays there when I was growing up, it brings back so many happy memories, and the food is delicious!

Do you have a favourite football team?

Nope! I don’t watch football, but my fiancé is a Newcastle fan through and through.

When driving to school – what is on the radio?

I enjoy starting my day with some rock or metal music – lots of guitars and drums to get me pumped for another fun session at school!

What do you enjoy doing when you’re not working?

I love to bake- I have my own baking business, and I love to explore new places with my dog Penny.

Quickfire Round…

Marmite – love it or hate it?

Can’t stand the stuff!

Brown Sauce or Tomato Sauce?

Always Ketchup!

Sweet or Savoury?

Depends what mood I’m in! I have a serious sweet tooth, and live for chocolate, but I also couldn’t live without garlic bread!

List three words to describe yourself?

Creative, Passionate, Fun.

Over the next few weeks, we’re going to introduce you to our Classroom Kitchen Team. Look back to last week and meet Mr H. Next week, we’re heading back to Wigan to meet our admin assistant, Lauren!